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Rphicerus campestris

Steenbok occur in a wide range of habitats, from open plains to open woodland. They prefer however, plains with short grass and shrub, and are mainly browsers.
Both sexes are territorial and solitary animals, being seen together only during the mating period.
They have pre-orbital glands, but these are not used for territorial demarcation. Instead, Steenbok use their inter mandinbular gland, situated between the two halves of the lower jaw, for that effect.
Steenbok are diurnal animals and do not depend on availability of water. They drink in very rare occasions.
Only males have horns, and they weigh up to 12Kg. and live up to about 10 years.
One single Calf is born after a gestation period of about 6 months. The calf will hide for the first couple of months of his life in bushes and abandoned holes. They start following their mother at the age of 4 months. On reaching maturity, at about 12 months, each one goes is own way.

Female Steenbok
Wildlife Picture taken in the Kruger National Park
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