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Aepyceros melampus

Areas of short grass with medium or dense stands of bush and a permanent water supply, are the ideal Impala habitat. They avoid, at all costs, areas of tall grass.
Being highly gregarious animals, Impala form herds of several hundred individuals.
During the mating Season, from April to June, each adult Impala ram establishes it's own territory, and spends the greater part of his time trying to keep the females and their young within the boundaries of his domain, defending it against the intrusion of any other male. At this time, only one ram is seen with each group of females. All young males are evicted from the herd, congregating in "bachelor groups".
On defending their territories, males will resort to some characteristic rituals, their nose extended forward, heads down, tails outstretched and uttering awesome snorts, sounding more like a large predator than a small herbivore. If this intimidation process proves not enough, then fight will ensue.

Impala Ram demarcating it's territory
Picture taken in the Kruger National Park
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