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Kobus ellipsiprymnus 

Savanna, with tree and shrub thickets, in the proximity of perennial water is the ideal Waterbuck habitat
Waterbuck associate in herds of up to 50 or 60 individuals, and they are not territorial animals.

If threatened by a predator, Waterbuck will not hesitate to take refuge in deep water, very often infested with crocodiles to whom they fall prey. They also preyed upon by Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and Wild Dog.

Only males have horns. Their life-span is about 14 years and they can weigh up to 270 Kg.

Waterbuck calves remain concealed for a couple of weeks after birth, in a thicket of tall grass or bush, after which they form nursery groups within the breeding herds.

Waterbuck are both browsers and grazers.
Female Waterbuck
Wildlife Picture taken on the Kruger National Park
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