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Equus Burchellii

Zebras are  extremely courageous animals, and, very often, they confront predators, like Lion, the latter sometimes coming out second best, after receiving a devastating kick from the Zebra's hooves.
Zebra associate with other animals, like Baboons, Impala, Kudu, Giraffe, but, the most common is the association between Zebra and w Wildebeest.
Zebra can weigh up to 300 Kg, and their life-span is about 20 years.
Zebra are exclusively grazers.
After a gestation period of about one year, one single foal is born. Females reach maturity at 3 years of age.
Zebra are highly gregarious animals, congregating in groups of more than 1000 individuals.
The basic social unit is the family group, consisting of one stallion and the mares with their young. This unit stays together, even when they congregate in bigger groups. At this stage, the stallion will spend the greater part of his time, chasing away other stallions from other family groups.


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